Teaching as Scholarship: Preparing Students for Professional Practice in Community Services

Jacqui Gingras, Pamela Robinson, Janice Waddell, and Linda D. Cooper (eds)
Contributors: Samantha Wehbi, Ken Moffatt, Susan Preston, Gordon PonMay Friedman and Jennifer Poole
Published: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2016 (200 pages)

Teaching Scholarship: New book with contributions from RCSIA Members

This book is about teaching for professional practice and explores ways to engage students in the classroom. It draws on the principles of rigorous scholarship and focuses on interactive learning between the class and the professor and among the students. Each contributor addresses the need to connect theory with community practice, deploying different methods in different contexts, and sharing scholarly reflections about how to improve the craft of teaching. The essays offer practical suggestions that allow readers to adapt and apply these ideas in their own classrooms to suit their particular contexts and share the outcomes of that process.
A great book with contributions from of our very own centre colleagues: Samantha Wehbi, Ken Moffatt, Susan Preston, Gordon Pon, May Friedman and Jennifer Poole