Promoting Community Change: Making  it Happen in the Real World

Authors: Henry  Parada, Lisa  Barnoff, Ken  Moffatt, Mark  S. Homan
Published: Nelson College Indigenous, 2010 (432 pages)

RCSIA | Promoting Community Change: Making it Happen in the Real World

This text addresses the real world issues facing Canadian social work, human  services, and community health professionals who want to take the theoretical  discussion of community forward and realize tangible community changes. Students  will learn to identify the issues related to change and discover exactly how  they can become effective agents of change. The author team emphasizes the role  a strengthened community can play in preventing and solving the problems that  individuals and families commonly experience. Promoting Community Change teaches  students how to organize empowering local actions bringing clients, families,  and other community members into an active  role in building a healthier  community for themselves, their families, and their neighbours.