Mothering and Blogging: The Radical Art of the MommyBlog

Authors: May Friedman (ed.) & Shana L. Calixte
Published: Demeter Press, 2009 (204 pages)

May Friedman | Mothering and Blogging: The Radical Act of the MommyblogAt the 2005 BlogHer conference writer and mommyblogger Alice Bradley  ( responded to criticisms that mommyblogging was solipsistic and  self-indulgent by stating that Mommyblogging is a radical act. This collection  seeks to interrogate this emergent genre in all its contradiction and  complexity, looking equally at the ways that mommyblogs benefit some mothers  while relegating others to the margins. Most importantly, however, this  collection sheds light on a growing and overwhelming site of maternal narrative  where many mothers are able to take on the radical act of speaking for  themselves