Growing Up Transnational: Identity and Kinship in a Global Era

Authors: May Friedman (ed.) & Silvia Schultermandl
Published: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, 2011 (288 pages)

May Friedman | Growing Up Transnational: Identity and Kinship in a Global Era

Stereotypes and cultural imperialism often provide a framework of fixed  characteristics for postmodern life, yet fail to address the implications of  questions such as, “Where are you from?”Growing Up Transnational  challenges the assumptions behind this fixed framework to look at the  interconnectivity, conflict, and contradictions within current discussions of  identity and kinship.

This collection offers a fresh, feminist  perspective on family relations, identity politics, and cultural locations in a  global era. Using an interdisciplinary approach from fields including gender  studies, postcolonial theory, and literary theory, this volume questions the  concept of hybridity and the tangible implications of assumed identities. The  rich personal narratives of the authors explore hyphenated identities,  hybridized families, and the challenges and rewards of lives on and beyond  borders. The result is a new transnational sensibility that explores the redefinition of the self, the family, and the nation.