Susan Silver

Associate Professor
School of Social Work | Ryerson University


RCSIA_Susan_SilverSusan has an interest in the areas of health care policy, employment and family well- being. She has extensive experience evaluating community-based programs and is interested in participatory and transformative approaches. She is currently exploring the critical use of interactive communication technologies in research and evaluation. Susan recently completed the mid-term review of a project seeking to enhance the equity of industrial workers in Brazil. For this project, she also developed and delivered a two-week Evaluation Training Institute for occupational and health professionals from Brazil. Susan is currently working with Canadian and Dominican researchers and community organizations in developing critical approaches to evaluating community-based programs for early childhood development and child protection.

Research Projects



Centres for the Integral Attention of Children in the Dominican Republic (CIANIs) and Local Community Organizations for Child Protection (LCOCP)

Funder: National European Foundations: Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund
Principal Investigators: Henry Parada, Susan Silver, Mike Burke, Irma Molina (Research Assistant)
Dominican Team: Julia Hasbun (Dominican Coordinator)


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Selected Publications

  • Preston, S., George, P. & Silver, S. (2014). Field education in social work: The need for re-imagining. Critical Social Work, 15(1).
  • George, P., Silver, S. & Preston, S. (2013). Re-imagining field education in social work: The promise unveiled. Advances in Social Work, 14(2), 642-657
  • Burke, M., & Silver, S. (2012). Canadian Health Care … Reclaiming universal health care. In A. Westhues (Ed.), Canadian social policy (5th ed.). Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Press (In Press)
  • Berman, R., Silver, S. & Wilson, S. (2007). Don’t look down on me because I have one” – Young mothers resisting the discourse of “a young mother is a bad mother”. Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, 9(1), 42-52.
  • Shields, J., Silver, S. & Wilson, S. (2006). Assessing employment risk: New dimensions in the measurement of unemployment. Socialist Studies, 2 (2), 105-112.