Purnima George

Associate Professor
School of Social Work | Ryerson University


Purnima George has a passion for community practice and activism on varied social issues. Her work has included pursuing academic career with activism. Currently, she is an Associate Professor with the School of Social Work at Ryerson University, Toronto. Prior to immigrating to Canada Purnima was a Faculty Member, Academic Lead and Co-ordinator of urban community initiatives by the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, India. Over the years Purnima has continued her connection with India through partnership development with two colleges of social work in India. In Toronto, Purnima has channeled her passion for community practice and activism into community based and anti-oppressive research with marginalized groups including racialized immigrant and South Asian communities. Currently, Purnima is also a lead team member for Youth Municipal Council aspect of a CIDA project on children and youth human rights empowerment for Dominican Republic. Her research interests are: critical community practice, social advocacy, international social work practice, neoliberalism, globalization, issues of South Asian communities in Toronto, and research as an anti-oppressive practice.


Research Projects

Community Practice, Globalization, International Social Work Practice, Anti-Oppressive Organizational Change, South Asian Diasporic Community



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Selected Publications

  • George, P. & Chaze, F. (2015). Challenging state’s authority and reclaiming citizenship: A case on action against eviction and deportation of pavement dwellers in Mumbai, India. In N. Yu and D. Mandell (Eds.). Subversive Social Action: Extra-legal and Illegal Action for Social Justice. Canada: Wilfred Laurier University Press..
  • George, P. & Rashidi, M. (2014) Voices from the community: Barriers and recommendations for domestic violence services for South Asian women in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Canadian Social Work, 16, 69-86.
  • Preston, S., George, P. & Silver, S. (2014) Field education in social work: The need for re-imagining.Critical Social Work, 15(1).
  • George, P. & Rashidi, M. (2014). Domestic violence in South Asian communities in the GTA: Critical perspectives of community activists and service providers. CAOS: The Journal of Critical Anti-Oppressive Social Inquiry, 1, 67-86.   
  • Woods, S., Gopal, T. & George, P. (2014) Look at my life: Access to education for the remand population in Ontario. Canadian Review of Social Policy, 70, 34-47..