May Friedman


Assistant Professor
School of Social Work | Ryerson University

RCSIA_May_FriedmanMay blends social work, teaching, research, writing and parenting, often in the same five minute period. Her book, Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood was published by the University of Toronto Press in early 2013 and won the 2015 Women’s and Gender Studies/Recherches feministes Outstanding Scholarship Prize. She has also recently edited books about gender fluid parenting (Chasing Rainbows, Demeter Press 2013) and the international SlutWalk movement (Demeter Press, 2015). In addition, May has written book chapters and journal articles on topics as diverse as motherhood and sexuality, reality television, and size acceptance and fat activism. May has also been the recipient of a number of grants which have allowed her to explore topics including motherhood and criminalization; the intersections of social work and activism; and the impacts of fatphobia on queer bodies. May combines her robust SRC activities with a love of teaching and a deep commitment to service work as she continues to explore the intersections between these realms


Research Projects

Through Thick and Thin
Principal Investigator: Jen Rinaldi (OUIT), Loralee Gillis (Rainbow Health Ontario)
Co-Investigators Investigators: Carla Rice, Karleen Jiminez Pendleton, May Friedman, Jill Andrew, Elizabeth Harrison, Andrea LaMarre, Margaret Robinson, Deborah McPhail
Funding: Women’s College Hospital Foundation ($75,000)

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Selected Publications