Ken Moffatt

BES (Planned), MSW, PhD
School of Social Work | Ryerson University


Ken Moffatt is the editor of Troubled Masculinities; Reimaging Urban Men published by University of Toronto Press in 2012. Troubled Masculinities explores the gender construction of marginalized men through text and art. He is also the author of University of Toronto Press imprint, A Poetics of Social Work that explores the roots of social work epistemology during the development of the profession in 1920s-1930s with particular emphasis on the limiting influence of technological and scientific thought.

Dr. Moffatt is the principal investigator for the current SSHRC-funded project, Unsettling the Classroom: Social Work Education in the Context of New Managerialism. He is currently working on a manuscript about reflective practice and postmodern thought in the social work classroom. He is interested in cultural studies, postmodern theory, reflective practice community practice, gender studies as well as symbol creation and meaning making in the context of global neo-liberalism.

Research Projects

| Unsettling The ClassroomUnsettling the Classroom: Social Work Education in the Context of New Managerialism
Principal Investigator: Ken Moffatt (Ryerson University)
Co-Investigators: S. Todd (Carleton University), L. Barnoff (Ryerson University), H. Parada (Ryerson University), M. Panitch (Ryerson University)
Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Standard Research Grant


Canadian Social Work Education: Negotiating a Dramatically Changing Professional Terrain
Co-Investigators: S. Todd, K. Asakura, L. Barnoff, K. Moffatt, S. Savard,
Collaborators: B. Eagle, C. Lahaie, S. Rempel
Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant


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Selected Publications

  • S Wehbi, S Preston and K. Moffatt. Introducing art into the social work classroom: tensions and possibilities  In J. Gingras, P Robinson, J, Waddell & J. Cooper ( Eds.)Teaching as Scholarship: Preparing Students for Professional Practice in Community Services. Waterloo: Wilfrid LaurierUniversity Press (In Press).
  • McGrath, B Lee, K Moffatt, M Carranza, A Lagios. Collective Trauma as a Personal /SocialConcern for LGBTTSQ persons. In by B. O’Neill, T. Swan and N Mule (eds.)  LGBTQ People and Social Work: Intersectional Perspectives. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press. 213-232
  •  K Moffatt (first author) M Panitch, H Parada, S Todd, L Barnoff, J Aslett, The discourse of innovation in educational reform: The case of the Strategic Mandate Agreements in Ontario Canada Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies. 38(4) (accepted)
  • Performativity Culture in Universities: Social Work Fabrications S. Todd; L. Barnoff; K. Moffatt; M. Panitch; H. Parada; M. Mucina; D. Williams . British Journal of Social Work, 45(2), 511-526.

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