Jennifer M. Poole

Associate Professor
School of Social Work | Ryerson University

RCSIA_Jennifer-PooleWith a background in peer support and community work, Jennifer’s interdisciplinary research program at Ryerson is centred on madness, ‘health’, and ‘mental health’, taking up philosophical, practice and policy concerns. Current projects focus on sanism in post secondary education, critical pedagogy as well as critical approaches to grief and transplantation. Author of Behind the Rhetoric: Mental Health Recovery in Ontario, she is editor of the new journal Critical Anti-Oppressive Social Inquiry (CAOS), a member of Ryerson’s Mental Health Task Force and chair of the board of the Self-Help Resource Centre, a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of peer support. A self-identified Mad woman, she hails from Montreal and rarely says no to chocolate.


Research Projects

Precarious work, precarious health: The physical and mental health effects of precarious employment on immigrants and racialized women.
Co-Principal Investigators: Jennifer Poole, Winnie Ng, Akua Benjamin, Idil Abdillahi



When the suffering is compounded: Towards an understanding of Anti-Black Sanism and mental health discrimination for Black/African people in Toronto 
Co-Principal Investigators: Jennifer Poole, Idil Abdillahi



Gifting life: Exploring donor family members’ embodied responses to organ donation in Canada.
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Poole




Hybrid Bodies III: Gifting Life, Embodiment, Affect, Art, Anonymity and Kinship.
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Poole




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Selected Publications

  • Meerai, S. Abdillahi, I.& Poole, J. Introducing Anti-Black Sanism: Pedagogical, community and research responses. Intersectionalities (Special Issues on Mad Studies)(In Press).
  • Chapman, C., Poole, J., Ballen, R. & Azevedo, J. “A kind of collective freezing-out:” How helping professionals’ regulatory bodies create “incompetence” and increase distress. In B. Burstow (Ed.). Psychiatry interrogated: An institutional ethnography anthology (pp.63-95). New York: Palgrave (In Press)
  • Gewurtz, R., Moll, S., Poole, J. & Rebeiro Gruhl, K. (2015). Qualitative research in mental health and mental illness. In K. Olson, Young, & I. Schultz (Eds.), Handbook of qualitative health research for evidence-based practice (pp.203-224). New York: Springer.\
  • Poole, J. & Ward, J. (2013). Chapter 6: Breaking open the bone: Storying, sanism and Mad grief. In B. LeFrancois, R. Menzies and G. Rheaume (Eds.), Mad matters: A critical reader in Canadian Mad Studies (pp. 94-104)Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.
  • Reid, J. & Poole, J. (2013). Mad students in the social work classroom? Notes from the beginnings of an inquiry. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 24 (3), 209-222.