Children and Youth Human Rights Empowerment Project

Member Name | RCSIA at Ryerson University
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Partners for Development Grant
Project Director: Henry Parada
Canadian Team Members: 
Purnima George, Ken Moffatt, Susan Silver, Margareth  Zanchetta, Samatha Wehbi, Adrian Guta (Carelton University), B.Lee (McMaster), Mirna Carranza (McMaster University), Irma Molina (Research Assistant)

Dominican Republic Team:  Marisela Duval, Pastor de la Rosa (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo), Alberto Padilla (National Council for the Protection of Children -CONANI), Rafaela Burgos (Universidad Madre y Maestra), Felix Rodriguez (Dominican Federation of  municipalities -FEDOMU)


The “Children and Youth Human Rights Empowering Project” will address one of the CIDA’s priority themes—“Securing the Future of Children and Youth”—with emphasis on child protection against violence and abuse, including trafficking for the purpose of sexual commercial exploitation, and labour exploitation. The project is consistent with CIDA’s committed focus on increasing the safety and security of children and youth, advocating for human rights, and promoting public sector capacity building and good governance. The project will support the enhancement of services for protecting children and youth against violence in the Dominican Republic (DR) by enhancing the capacity of government and civil social institutions responsible for the protection of children and adolescents from abuse, sexual labour exploitation, and strengthening youth participation. The project’s purpose is to build capacity within targeted institutions to design, implement, and evaluate effective and sustainable programs and services for children and youth at risk in the DR. The project will also establish a baseline to determine the level of child and adolescent trafficking for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and other forms of exploitation.