RCSIA is rooted in the strong foundations of practice, teaching and research that characterize the School of Social Work. Grounded in commitments to equality and anti-oppression, the Centre aims to

  • Ensure rigorous forms of research and knowledge development,
  • Work towards transformative change practices, activism, dissemination and advocacy.
  • Foster critical thinking and research from current and emerging researchers.
  • Engage community.


The goals of the Centre emanate from the School’s core values:

  • The production of knowledge and practice that advance anti-oppression/anti-racism, anti-colonialism, decolonization, feminism, anti-capitalism, queer and Trans liberation struggles and issues in disability and Madness.
  • A strong equal and collaborative relationship with communities at the local, national and international level.
  • The use of alternative and reflexive research methodologies as well as traditional forms of academic research.